New Duolingo Promo Codes April-2024 (Free Gems)

Duolingo Promo Codes | Duolingo Coupons

Are you searching for Duolingo promo code 2024? Duolingo promo codes are special codes that are used to get discounts and other deals for learning a language more effectively and efficiently.

Duolingo is a widely used application especially easily built for learning languages. Duolingo offers a wide variety of language courses which you can learn just like a game.

duolingo promo code april 2023

Duolingo is free to use, you can learn a language for free but some language courses are paid. You have to subscribe to Duolingo Plus but it may be costly. Here are Duolingo Promo Codes to save you money.

If you are thinking of learning various languages for free using a Duolingo promo code then you are on the right page. We hope that you know about Duolingo and searching for Duolingo Promo Codes 2024 to get access to 40+ languages.

In this blog, we will discuss this in detail about Duolingo. How to use Duolingo and learn a language. Duolingo promo codes and how to use Duolingo codes. Also, we discussed more ways to get a Duolingo promo code.

Duolingo Promo Codes December 2024

There are a lot of platforms to learn different languages but Duolingo is like a game. You can learn another language by just playing a game. But Duolingo is a subscription-based paid platform in which you have to subscribe to a premium plan to get access to extensive features. So people search for Duolingo Promo Codes in December 2024 to get some discount on their Duolingo subscription.

Use all these Duolingo codes to get a valid and working Duolingo promo code. We have shared all Promo Codes for Duolingo which you can use to get a subscription at the cheapest price.

Here are some updated Duolingo Promo Codes:

TypeDuolingo Promo Codes
Promo CodeJETBLUE 
TypeDuolingo Promo Codes
TypeDuolingo Promo Codes
Promo CodeSAVE50
TypeDuolingo Promo Codes
TypeDuolingo Promo Codes
Promo CodeBEREAL
TypeDuolingo Promo Codes
Promo CodePUMPKIN 

Important Note: Please be aware that if Duolingo Promo Codes are not working, there’s no need to worry as these codes may have expired. Duolingo Promo codes generally have a limited timeframe, and users are required to use them within that period. We will update these promo codes, so there is no need to be worried.

Simply bookmark this page to stay updated on the latest information. By using the working promo codes for Duolingo, you can learn a lot of languages by just playing a game. Keep checking back for the latest updates to enhance your Duolingo experience.

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Duolingo Promo Code | Duolingo Codes

Duolingo promo codes are promotion codes or gift codes offered by Duolingo creators to engage their users. Various jobs require you to learn many languages so you can learn a language from Duolingo Plus by using these Duolingo Promo Codes.

These are expired Duolingo codes that you can use on your behalf because these accounts may not be valid. Sometimes Duolingo promo codes are for a single region and not usable in other regions, so if these Duolingo codes are invalid then don’t be worried because many of these codes are not valid in your region.

duolingo promo code 2023

We always try to share a list of Duolingo promo codes that are up-to-date and valid in various regions that you can redeem for free discounts. Here are some Expired Duolingo Promo Codes:

  • 20OFF
  • 30OFF 
  • 40OFF 
  • 50OFF
  • FALL300 

These are expired codes so try them on your behalf because you may fail to get bonuses while using these expired Township Promo Codes.

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How to Redeem Duolingo Promo Codes?

We have shared a lot of valid Duolingo promo codes that you can redeem to get a discount for a Duolingo Plus subscription. If you don’t know how to redeem the Duolingo promo code then follow these easy and simple steps given below. code
  • Open Duolingo’s official website.
  • If you use a mobile phone, download and install the Duolingo application.
  • Now login to your account, and create your account if you don’t have a Duolingo account.
  • When you subscribe to Duolingo Plus acc then copy one of these provided promo codes and paste it into the checkout promo code section.
  • If the Duolingo promo code is valid then you will get a discount instantly.
  • Don’t miss any word or character of the promo code because these Duolingo codes are case-sensitive.
  • So copy these codes from the list except of writing them manually.

These are short and easy points you have to follow to get a discount using the Duolingo promo code.

How to Use the Referral Program to Get Duolingo?

Duolingo offers a referral system to get free Duolingo Plus for a couple of days. If someone uses your referral code to join Duolingo then you will be awarded by Duolingo Plus for a week. If you don’t know how to use this referral program then follow these simple steps.

duolingo promo codes 2023
  • Open Duolingo official and log in to your account. Sign up if you don’t have a Duolingo account.
  • Open settings and find ‘invite friends’ from the list.
  • Now share your referral link with your friends.
  • If one of your friends uses your invitation code to join Duolingo then you will be awarded Duolingo Plus free for a week.

Users can invite up to ten friends and can get free access to Duolingo Plus for 10 weeks which is almost 2 to 3 months. After using a Duolingo account for 10 weeks you have to create another Duolingo account by which you have to repeat the same process of referral program. It is a very authentic and genuine way to get access to Duolingo Plus for free without spending money on a subscription to Duolingo Plus.

How to Get Duolingo Promo Code?

We have shared with you a valid and updated Duolingo promo code list by which you can enjoy the premium features of Duolingo Plus for free.

  • Duolingo Social Platforms
  • Referral System
  • Coupon Provider Websites
  • Reddit & Discord Communities
duolingo codes

Here are Sources to get a more Duolingo Promo code:

Duolingo Social Platforms

Duolingo creators share their promotion deals and surveys on their official social media channels. So keep an eye on the social media platforms of Duolingo including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Duolingo regularly offers discount codes and other promo deals to engage its users with Duolingo Plus.

Reddit & Discord Communities

People share updated Duolingo promo codes on Reddit and Discord. There is a wide variety of online communities on various platforms including Reddit and Discord. Other platforms may have invalid or expired codes but by searching Duolingo codes you can check the latest posts and their comments to get a valid and working Duolingo promo code. Also, join the official Reddit and Discord communities of Duolingo to get updated about new promotions and deals.

Coupon Provider Websites

You can visit the third-party websites that provide Duolingo Promo Codes. Numerous websites offer Duolingo promo code 2024 you just have to find one that provides an updated and valid Duolingo promo code. So by following Duolingo blogs, you can find Duolingo promo codes for Jan 2024.

Referral System

By joining your friends and other family members on Duolingo by your referral link you can get a free ten-day Duolingo Plus subscription. So all you have to do is join one friend every week and enjoy Duolingo Plus for the whole week without any subscription cost. One account can join up to 10 friends, so you can get Duolingo Plus for 2 to 3 months for free.

These are some authentic sources from which you can get Duolingo Promo Codes 2024 and can learn 40+ languages. Also, subscribe to the Duolingo Newsletter to get regular updates about promo codes and other useful tips for learning languages.


In this article, we have shared a list of valid Duolingo promo codes 2024 which you can use to get a discount on a subscription to Duolingo Plus. We have shredded other sources to get updated Duolingo promo codes for 2024.

We hope that this information will be very helpful for you. First, you have to try to get a referral for Duolingo Plus for free otherwise you have to subscribe to Duolingo but don’t forget to use these promo codes to get a discount.

If the Duolingo promo code is not working, comment below we will remove and update that Duolingo promo codes 2024. We frequently check for promo code validation but sometimes there is an issue with users’ devices and regions where codes are valid do not match to user locations.

For any query comment below in the comment section, also you can follow us on our social media platforms.

FAQS Related to Duolingo Promo Codes Free

Yes, Duolingo offers various active promo codes (SAVE50, PUMPKIN, LOVELANGUAGE, THANKYOU10) which are gift codes that you can use to get a discount on your monthly Duolingo subscription. By using these promo codes you can get a 20 to 50 percent discount with a one-month free trial.

To get more promo codes for Duolingo you have to visit social media platforms and also join Duolingo Reddit and Discord communities to get updated about the latest promotions and surveys.

It depends upon the coupon code or promotion codes. Normally Duolingo offers 30 to 50 percent discount on Duolingo monthly subscriptions. You can also get a Duolingo free trial by using these coupon codes.

We have shared numerous ways to get free Duolingo Plus. Here are some more ways by which you can get a Duolingo Plus subscription for free.

  • Use Duolingo Promo Codes
  • Check for Special Discount Deals
  • Join friends at Duolingo by your referral link or code
  • Subscribe to a longer Duolingo Plan

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