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Free Mega Accounts | Mega Cloud Storage Login

From here, You can get a lot of working free Mega premium accounts.

Mega is a cloud storage and file-sharing platform that is widely used in two hundred-plus countries. Mega strongly focuses on the privacy and security of users’ data due to which Mega has 285 million active users. Mega is the best file-sharing platform for privacy and security-curious users.

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Mega offers various types of pricing plans that you can subscribe to use extra premium features of Mega. Mega Premium offers more cheap and affordable pricing packages than its competitors. Large file storage, max number of files, maximum bandwidth, and multiple networking platforms are some unique features of Mega Premium.

People try to get free premium features of Mega by accessing free premium accounts from various platforms. We are here to help you by providing active mega accounts free so that you can enjoy the premium features of Mega without paying any cost for it.

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Free Mega Accounts Email And Password

A lot of people try to get Mega Premium gratis accounts without paying any cost for a subscription to Mega Premium. A variety of ways by which you can access free Premium Mega accounts and enjoy the premium features of Mega. Various online forums and there is a wide variety of coupon sites that provide premium accounts of many tools. By following these ways you can access premium accounts of Mega for free.

We are also providing you with some Random and Old Mega Premium usernames and passwords by which you can try your luck.

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Here are some active free Mega Premium Accounts:

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Important Note: If you fail to get premium mega logins then don’t be worried we are always here to help you. Maybe these accounts are expired or gained by other users because a lot of other users are also trying to get free Mega logins.
We update these Mega accounts regularly you have to be our active user or bookmark the website as an alarm. You have to claim the free mega accounts you require as soon as we update these mega accounts.

Free Mega Premium Account list 2024

Here we are providing some more active free Mega accounts that you can access if you have failed to get your required Mega premium account. We are sorry for this misconduct but maybe these accounts are gained by other end users. If you think you have a good fate then you must have to try these accounts to enjoy premium mega features for free.


Free Mega Accounts Generator


These all are tested and verified working free Mega Premium Accounts which will work in a real span. Try next time if you are failing to obtain these mega gratis accounts.

Introduction to MEGA

MEGA stands for Mega Encrypted Global Access. Mega is a Premium file sharing platform that offers its free and premium users a wide variety of features. It is a cloud storage service offered in 2013 by the company Mega Limited. It launched after shutting down the Megaupload service due to government laws and enforcement of agencies.

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Mega is popular among users due to their data security and privacy features. You can try this platform for sharing files using the cloud with your friends or fans. Due to its strong security feature, it is the best private alternative to its competitors. Mega is now becoming a favorite platform among users who are very curious about the security and privacy of their data.

Mega offers a wide variety of devices to access its services. Users with Android can download the Mega application from the Google Play Store and iOS users can access it from their Apple App Store. Mega is also available on Windows phones.

Users with desktop platforms like Windows, MacBook, or Linux can also access Mega. Mega websites can be accessed by using various web browsers like Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari, etc.

We have shared a lot of free Mega Accounts with premium activation that you can use to enjoy the premium features of Mega without any subscription cost. All these accounts are acquired from various authentic sources and these Mega-free accounts will work in real time.

You can use these mega accounts free to get cloud storage up to 100GB and can share your files with your friends, employees, or any other type of audience.

Some Cool Features of Mega Premium Gratis

Mega offers a wide variety of features that make it a good choice for getting cloud storage and sharing files. Mega is best for their security and privacy features, all the files shared are end-to-end encrypted. Mega is a popular choice for a large number of users due to its security feature.

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Here we discuss some popular features of Mega:

Sharing Files

You can easily share your folders and files with others. Users can share their cloud files by generating links and sharing them with others. Mega added an extra layer of security by which you can set passwords to your links and also set a time limit after the links will expire.

End-to-End Encrypted Sharing

Mega is famous for its encryption feature. Files and folders that users want to share are encrypted on the user’s device before it is uploaded to the mega cloud. Shared files and folders are accessed after decrypting by using a decryption password. Mega is known to users due to its high-level security and privacy features.

Files Syncing

Mega offers multiple platforms including desktop computers and mobile device apps which make it easy for users to synchronise their files across multiple devices. Mega confirms that your files are accessible and updated on various shared devices. So by this feature, Mega makes syncing easy and quick without any difficulty.

Encryption on Client Device

When you upload a folder or a file to Mega, files are encrypted on your device. Your files are being encrypted before uploading on mega servers. Mega can’t access your encryption password, that’s why no one can decrypt your uploaded files rather than you provide a key to someone. Mega has no access to your encryption password which means that if you forget your encryption key Mega can’t recover your files. Mega has zero knowledge of privacy which makes it unique among its competitors.

Files Control and Management

Mega offers total file control to its users. They can share their files, update these files, and also they can revert to previous versions of their files. Mega provides a web interface for the management of user files and folders. This management of the files feature of Mega allows users to create, update, or move files from one folder to another. Users can manage their files and folders more effectively.

Multiple Devices

Mega offers a wide variety of devices to access the Mega including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and MacBooks. Users can log in to a single account on multiple devices. By using various devices users can access their files and folders. You can create your Mega profile by using any type of device, you require an email address and have to choose a strong password.

Mega provides various types of features that make it the best choice for sharing files and for getting cloud storage with strong security and privacy. Due to security and privacy features Mega has become the best platform for those who are very curious and concerned about their files privacy.

Pricing Plan of Mega Premium

Mega offers a very reasonable pricing plan which makes it the most suitable option among people. Users can also use a free 20GB cloud storage for sharing their files and folders. Mega also allows its users to upgrade its storage and other features to share files. Extra bandwidth, long file sharing, and 16TB of cloud storage are some unique extra features provided to premium Mega users.

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Pricing Plan of MEGA

Here is the Pricing Plan for Mega Premium:

Plan NamePriceStorage
Mega Pro IUS $10.602TB
Mega Pro IIUS $21.198TB
Mega Pro IIIUS $31.7116TB

Famous Alternatives to Mega

Mega provides a variety of features to its users which makes it a good choice for users than its compatriots. But there are a lot of other platforms that provide cloud storage and file sharing to users. Every alternative has its features and benefits that make it more attractive to users.

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Here we discuss some famous alternatives to Mega:

Google Drive

Google Drive is known for its wide variety of features, including free file-sharing storage, editing files and folders, and collaboration with Google products like Google Docs, Slides Excel, etc. You can also integrate Google Drive with your photos by which good drive atomically scans your photos and uploads them to Google Drive. You can use 15GB of free space for sharing your files, you can also upgrade your storage by subscribing to a premium plan


OneDrive is also a top-rated file-sharing and cloud storage providing a platform that is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office by which you can edit your documents efficiently. OneDrive also offers automatic photo and video backup to its users. You can use 5GB of free cloud storage space and can upgrade your cloud storage by subscribing to a premium plan. OneDrive is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Windows which makes it the best choice for Microsoft and Windows users.


iCloud is a storage service offered by Apple and highly integrated with Apple devices including iPhones, MacBooks, and Apple tabs. You can upload photos, videos, documents, and various app data on Apple cloud storage. You can integrate iCloud with iOS and Mac OS devices more efficiently. Apple users can use 5GB of free storage and also can buy more storage if needed.


Dropbox is also the best alternative to Mega and a top-rated cloud storage provider. Dropbox is very easy to use and you can easily synchronize your files and folders across multiple devices. It also offers an automatic backup of files like photos, videos, and documents. Dropbox users can use 2GB of free storage and can upgrade their cloud storage by subscribing to Premium Plus. Dropbox also offers features of integration with other third-party applications and services.

These are some of the best alternatives to Discord, you can choose one which best matches your needs and interests. All of these offer various types of different features, you can select your choice depending on your preferences.


You have collected a free Mega personal account email and password and can use up to 400GB of cloud storage without any subscription charges. If you have failed to get a free mega account then don’t be angry and try next time when these mega accounts are updated. We update these mega accounts regularly, you have to claim your required mega account as soon as we update free mega accounts.

If you have any queries related to free mega accounts, you can contact us via the comment section or send us an email at our email address. You can also connect us with our social media platform.

FAQs Related to Free Mega Accounts

The mega download limit of your personal mega account depends upon your IP address and also on your region. If you are facing an issue with a limited Mega download limit then you have to use a Premium VPN. Another way is to use a Downloader that has an IP Address from a free proxy list that would US-based. In this way, you can increase the Download limit of your Mega personal account.

Mega is used to get free cloud storage for sharing your files and folders with others. Mega is known for its security and privacy features when you upload a file on Mega it will first encrypted on your device and then uploaded.

You can get free Mega personal accounts in various ways that are mentioned below:

  • By logging in using these provided free Mega Accounts.
  • Different coupon sites also offer Premium Mega Accounts.
  • From our competitor’s sites.
  • Obtain active Mega Premium accounts from foreign online forums.

We obtained these premium accounts of Mega from very authentic sources. All these accounts are fully tested and verified.

You can create your personal Mega account by just opening the Mega website on your desktop. Next, you have to require an email address and have to choose a strong password. The final thing is to confirm your provided email address. You can also get free personal Mega accounts from our website.

Yes, these free Mega accounts are entirely secure and reliable to use. We acquired these accounts of Mega Premium from very authentic references. You can use these free accounts of Mega without worrying about the insecurity of your data.

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