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Free Turbobit Accounts

From here, you can get 100+ working free turbobit premium accounts.

Turbobit is a file-hosting company. By using turbobit you can host music, movies, software, etc. Turbobit is a Russian company for hosting files used all around the world. There are two versions of turbobit, the free version and the premium version.

There are some limitations on the free version of turbobit for example low download speed, limited size files can be hosted, etc.

55+ Working Turbobit Premium Account

A lot of people try to get a premium version of turbobit for free without paying any cost of it. So here in this post, I will share a lot of free turbobit accounts. You can get a premium login to turbobit for free.

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Here are the free Turbobits Accounts:

TypeFree Turbobit Premium Account
Last UpdateDaily Updated
TypeFree Turbobit Premium Account
Last UpdateDaily Updated
TypeFree Turbobit Premium Account
Last UpdateDaily Updated
TypeFree Turbobit Premium Account
Last UpdateDaily Updated
TypeFree Turbobit Premium Account
Last UpdateDaily Updated
TypeFree Turbobit Premium Account
Last UpdateDaily Updated
TypeFree Turbobit Premium Account
Last UpdateDaily Updated
TypeFree Turbobit Premium Account
Last UpdateDaily Updated
TypeFree Turbobit Premium Account
Last UpdateDaily Updated

Important Note: If these accounts are not working you must try the accounts given in the second list. If you still fail to get accounts you must be active on the site because a lot of other users also trying to get the accounts. So there is a chance that these accounts must be acquired by other users. We update our passwords daily. Bookmark this page to get daily updated accounts.

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What is Turbobit?

Turbobit is a Russian file-hosting company that allows users to host their files like movies, software, music, videos, etc. Turbobit is widely used all over the globe. Most of the users of turbobit are from Ukraine and Russia.

turbobit premium account

Turbobit secures the data of users therefore it is highly recommended by most people. You can share your files with other people by sharing links with them. You can share links by using different channels like social media, direct links, and a lot of other mods.

You can also earn money using Turbobit. Turbobit also provides monetization. You can earn money depending on the number of downloads your file has gotten. You can get 40$ on 1000 downloads. So by Turbobits, you can earn a handsome amount of money.

Properties of Free Turbobit Account

There are a lot of properties of turbobit that users can enjoy. Properties are different for free and paid users. Here we provide you with 50+ free turbobit accounts, So you can enjoy the premium subscription properties of turbobit.

turbobit premium

Here are some properties you must have to know before using a free turbobit premium account:

Free File Hosting

You can get free hosting even without signing up for the turbobit. There is no limitation on the number of files, you can host various files at a time without any restrictions. You can host 200Mb files in the free version and paid users can get a 100Gb space for hosting their files. By using the provided accounts you can share large files because these accounts are premium and there are no limitations on the size of files on these free accounts.


By using Turbobit you can get free file hosting which you can use for sharing your documents, videos, tools, and movies with anyone you want to share. You can share a direct link to download the file or you also can redirect links depending upon the channel you choose to share it.

Download Speed

Download speed depends upon the file also it varies from free users to paid users. Premium users can enjoy 1Gb/s speed depending upon the size and nature of the file. But a free user sometimes can face the problem of a bit slower download speed but it is not as slow that it can’t be bearable.

Earn Money

You can earn money with the turbobit monetization policy. If your shared file gets 1000 downloads then you can earn 40$. So with this method, you can earn a huge amount of money. You can share anything in your shared file like documents, videos, movies, tools, etc.

Resume Your Downloads

Another feature of Resume Your downloads is provided by Turbobit downloader. You can resume your paused downloaded files at any time if you are using FDM and Gozilla. You can easily upload your file from anywhere you want to upload like mobile, PC, or any other online website. You must have to use a desktop device to get a better experience.

Pricing Plan for Turbobit Account

Turbobit offers five different types of pricing plans for their premium users. You can subscribe to one of them depending on your usage. There are different prices and sizes of storage given in packages.

Here is the pricing plan for Turbobit:

DurationStorageTotal PricePer day Price
5 Days200 GBUS$ 7.95US$1.59
1 Month1200 GBUS$ 12.95US$0.43
6 Months7200 GBUS$ 44.95US$0.25
1 Year14400 GBUS$ 74.95US$0.21
2 Years28800 GBUS$ 124.45US$0.17

Turbobit offers a lot of payment methods you can choose the best you like to pay for a turbobit subscription. Payment methods offered are UnionPay, cryptocurrency, and Visa card. You can also pay money by using your digital bank account.

Alternatives of Turbobit

There are a lot of popular alternatives to turbobit for hosting a file. Each of them offers a different package and features of file sharing. You can choose from all of them depending on your needs and priorities. Here we share the best alternates of turbobit:

turbobit downloader

Google Drive

Google Drive is a Google product that offers a very friendly interface for file hosting. You can host and share up to 15GB of data in any form like documents, photos, videos, movies, tools, etc. There is an opportunity to buy extra storage. You can share your all storage or also a single folder with your companions or anywhere you want. They can access it with a single link click.


OneDrive is an integrated system with Microsoft. It is the best choice for window users. You can host and share your files using OneDrive. You can use 5GB storage while using this platform. There are some limitations to using it. For example, you can’t access a one-drive shared file without having a Microsoft account, and there is a very limited storage space it offers which is very small for PC users.


Dropbox is another file-sharing cloud storage provider that provides free 2GB space for sharing your files. You can also purchase their storage if you need more storage space depending upon your needs. It offers a lot of other features such as offline access, and attracts other third-party apps. It has very limited storage as compared to its competitors.


It is the best product by Apple for Apple phones and Mac users only. iCloud offers up to 5GB of free storage. It is known for the security of their user’s data. iCloud is well-integrated with all other Apple products. iCloud is widely used all around the world due to there high security feature.

These are some highly recommended alternatives that are used for file hosting and sharing.


I hope that you have acquired your required free Turbobit accounts.

If you failed to get access to Turbobit by using these accounts then be Sorry! don’t be angry because different other users are the same duration using these IDs to log in to We update these free login IDs of turbobit regularly. So you have to be involved on our site to get your needed free turbobit login accounts.

I hope this article will be very helpful for you. If you have any type of suggestion you can contact our support. You can also mention your suggestion in the comment section.

FAQs to Free Premium Turbobit Downloader

There are different ways by which you can get turbobit for free. You can get a free trial of turbobit which is offered at a very low price. Second, you can get free access by simply logging in or without any login as an anonymous member but you have a very limited storage space for the free session which is only 200MB.

You can upload up to 1GB files while using free hosting for files. In its free version, you can use 10GB of free space for your file hosting.

If you are using a free account for sharing a file hosting then turbobit shot your file for 30 days only. After 30 days your file will be deleted automatically. On the other hand, in the premium plan, your files will not be deleted without your permission.

We have to pay 12.95 US dollars to buy a one-month premium plan of turbobit. Turbobit offers 5 different types of plans for their users. You can buy the best plan with your preferences.

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